• John Perrys

    Artist, Environmentalist, Wildlife Advocate

  • John Perrys is an active volunteer in his community. Perrys is primarily focused on issues like environmental cleanup, wildlife conservation and sustainability. Through his sculpture art, volunteer work and direct support of nonprofit organizations, the Community Leader envisions a habitat that is safe for humans and animals to coexist.


  • John Perrys Environmental Cleanup

    John Perrys has always found comfort and expression in creating artwork. His preferred medium of choice is sculpture art. Perrys has always enjoyed creating artwork, but it wasn’t until he organized and managed his first environmental cleanup initiative that he launched his greatest project. When it comes to creativity, this artist certainly has plenty of that! His creativity is fueled by his passions, which center around wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability. Perrys’s signature style is to craft art sculptures of wildlife using only materials that he has found during environmental cleanup projects. Recycling litter into meaningful art pieces is a testament to the artist’s passion for sustainability. Prior to creating art sculptures with recycled trash, Perrys started by crafting sculptures utilizing natural objects, such as leaves, flowers, bird feathers, sticks and dirt. Fusing the two approaches together, the environmentally conscious artist creates his own “paint” out of dirt and other natural materials.

    There is no shortage of art supplies as long as there is nature!

  • John Perrys Volunteer

    John Perrys is an active volunteer in his community. Drawing on his professional background in business administration, Perrys enjoys applying his leadership skills for the benefit of nonprofit initiatives. A team player all the way, power and notoriety are far from his greatest motivators. He is just as passionate about volunteering his time simply as a member of the team. Perrys is always willing to lend a helping hand, especially when presented with opportunities to support environmental and wildlife conservation initiatives.